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Amazing Laws To Boost Your Business and Your Life

Posted on November 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are powerful Laws that most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners never talk about. They use them every day and have created fortunes and fabulous lifestyles as a result. I’m referring to the Laws of the Universe.

You are governed by these Laws whether you know it or not, and whether you believe it or not. You have a choice to understand these Laws and use them to create a life of unimaginable peace, wealth, health, relationships, and spiritual fulfillment. Or, you can continue to make excuses or blame others for why your prayers are not answered or why other businesses succeed and yours does not.

If you know there is much more that you are capable of doing, being, or having, and you have not been able to get the results you want no matter how hard you’ve tried, then understanding the Laws of the Universe and how they affect you might be the answer.

The Laws of the Universe Revealed

The Laws of the Universe include the Law of Vibration, Law of Attraction, Law of Polarity, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Rhythm, Law of Gender, Law of Relativity, and the Law of Perpetual Transmutation. An essential ingredient to using these Laws is to understand your mind and how it works, including the powers of your subconscious and conscious minds.

Thankfully, films like The Secret, and What the Bleep Do We Know, has made it possible for people worldwide to learn these Laws and put them to work. People who consistently operate within the Laws are now making quantum leaps in every area of their lives.

I was fortunate to have learned these Laws very early in life. At the age of thirteen I was learning to meditate and visualize. The first thing I attracted was a new bike. I later learned to attract cars, homes, money, jobs, relationships, and exotic vacations.

Understanding and using the Laws of the Universe was unheard of in the African American community in the 1970’s. When all my friends and neighbors were going to church to hear the preacher tell them about sin, hell, and damnation, my minister was telling me to believe in myself, that I can do, be, and have anything I wanted, and that the power lies within me. We were all praying to the same God, it was just a different message and we were getting different results.

I was taught that by learning to control my thoughts and to keep my mind in sync with the Universal Laws, I can easily tap into the God source for anything I wanted.

Advances in Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics has recently revealed what we in the human potential field have known all along: that our mind is the cause of all that happens in our lives, whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. It is not “God’s will”, and we are not victims of circumstance. The scientists have proven that when we use our mind in the right way, we tap into the hidden powers and forces that have been dormant. These powers allow us to achieve anything we want in life, as long as we operate within the Law.

When you change your thinking, you will change your life. It’s that simple. You will stop limiting your abilities, you will learn new beliefs that serve you, and you will achieve successes that you never thought possible. You will find your life purpose, you will learn why you have been getting the results you’ve gotten, and you will learn to use visualization and meditation in a way that creates calm, peace, and clarity. You will begin to live your life the way God and you intended. You can even become a millionaire if you want to.

Make time to read and learn about the Laws of the Universe. One of the Laws says “like attracts like.” Once you make the decision to learn about the Laws, people and opportunities will appear that will help deepen your understanding and inspire you to continue the journey.

The process has already begun. It is no accident that you are reading this message. The Universe works in exact precision. My writing this Special Report and getting it into your hands at the exact time your mind is open to receive it is no coincidence. It is further example of how the Law works.

Once you align your mind with these Laws, your life will be changed at depth. Your mind does create your reality. You can choose to ignore it and continue to be a victim of circumstance, or you can accept it and allow it to work for you, your family and your business. It’s your choice.

Online Business Franchise Opportunities For Entrepreneurs From Franchise Expo, An In Depth Review

Posted on November 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

Franchise Expo offers many different types of online franchise business opportunities that entrepreneurs can build a massive income from home. Franchise Expo will help you build your brand into building a solid sustainable income and business with mentoring available every step of your path including advertising, establishing a presence online, account tracking and many other facets needed to build your brand online and become a successful entrepreneur by building a solid sustainable income and business online building it by quantum leaps.

In this author’s view Franchise Expo offers an amazing array of online franchise business opportunities with the very important mentoring support it takes to get a franchisee up and running. It is important for entrepreneurs to choose the right category carefully that best fits their background and education. Getting the right match is paramount in building an online business opportunity and building a massive income.

Building a massive income and the search for that perfect fit is a real challenge that will take a considerable amount of research and due diligence on the part of entrepreneurs but the payoff will be worth the effort. There are so many choices of online businesses that are available. Focus on where your interests are and you will increase your chances of building a massive income online success by quantum leaps!

There are various statistics on just how many- one thing is certain there will be around five billion people will be soon using the internet for the first time. This amazing fact coupled with vast improvements in computer technology creating software more user friendly is opening many doors to a very bright future online even with a soft economy. Online entrepreneurs are doing very well and continue to build solid sustainable incomes while growing their businesses by quantum leaps! May you have great success in the endeavor of your choice and build a massive income, happy marketing!

Quantum SDLT Product Line Offers Industry Leading Features

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Industry leading performance from your data backup drive company should not merely be a business dream or an impossible goal. A highly scalable data backup storage system can surely make the difference between a flexible data management platform versus an outdated infrastructure lacking the ability to keep up with your storage demands. Why chance it with just any back-up data solution? If you have a need to control explosive data growth, add compression capabilities, or simply need to upgrade your existing product to a higher standard, Quantum offers a wide selection of proven DLT products suitable for the most volatile back-up data needs.

The Quantum DLT product line, DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 not only saves you valuable time and money, this technology is used by industry leaders who expect exemplary product performance. Based on the DLT Technology platform that is trusted by most of the Fortune 500® companies and designed for today’s expanding storage volumes, you will find top of the line data protection tools that equips you with maximum business agility and 24/7 business continuity. As your infrastructure changes and business needs fluctuate, Quantum can prepare you with back up ready DLT tape drive products designed to optimize integration with your servers and business applications before, during, and after you actually need them.

Quantum’s drives provide comprehensive archival functionality for regulatory compliance with DLTSage WORM, our superior data operating system that gives businesses the ability to design a fully optimized infrastructure. You can easily achieve superior safeguarding methods with DLTSage WORM and automatically archive your data with confidence using the DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 cartridge system, all optimized for seamless backup applications.

The DLT product line provides ultra-fast transfer speeds and overall cost efficiency, designed to significantly reduce total cost of ownership with industry leading features and functions. The tape drive cartridges offered in the DLT Technology platform boasts compressed performance of up to 432 GB per hour, as well as extremely competitive compressed capacities ranging from 160 GB to an impressive 1600 GB (1.6 Terabytes). All strategically tailored for simple or complicated back up data needs, featuring scalability and backward-read compatibility as your business grows.

A highly comparable data management solution, the DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 cartridge system makes it easy for businesses to achieve a highly efficient storage system, complete with dynamic performance results while maintaining the integrity of all data tiers. If your business needs to grow capacity with uninterrupted delivery, then Quantum is the right choice to make your data infrastructure dream a reality.