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Quantum Economics – Philosophy of the Economy – Quantum Leap in Market Economics

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In market economics economic tools (quantum economics: parameters) are used indiscriminately (not politically motivated but statistically formulated) to maintain balance (quantum economics: grid or quantum quantities) demand-to-supply ratios. Compare to currently used production (based economics that should be using self-adjusting dialectic economics of trickle-down approaches for development.

Because, economic tools (parameters) are “artificially” applied to limit over-capitalization or under-capitalization effect on real economies and markets, these (economic tools, parameters) may well be used to increase or decrease different parts of economies, markets by artificially accelerating or slowing business activities.

In modern times ecological issues are becoming extremely relevant to Earth survival: developing and less developed countries’ industrialization (considered by the standards of production economics only ways for development) will destroy Earth either by polluting the environment to point of no return or by exhausting Earth recourses to point of no return: both scenarios Earth will not survive such mass industrialization; In third scenario if developing and less developed countries and markets are pressed to stay as these are by using financial means and these (developing and less developed countries and markets) remain in such underdeveloped condition these still are growing in population and gradually polluting Earth and destroying Earth resources in much higher then most developed countries and markets rates; also in deregulated global market environment when environmental rules are regulations are obeyed by most developed countries and markets but not obeyed by other markets then industrial production will move to deregulated areas thus pollution is unavoidable in current production profit (only) based economics.

Quantum Economics Leap or Quantum Leap is ‘controlled’ economic jump executed by pointed use of financial means (low rate business loans and subsidies) to different areas of real economies and markets particularly less developed countries, markets or parts of markets (in this category: parts of most developed countries and markets’ underdeveloped areas could be considered)

Predominantly, development of less developed countries and markets, or parts of markets should be directed toward environmentally friendly technologies: renewable energy sources, organic farming, environmental tourism and etc. In economics of Marketism countries and markets should not necessary become industrialized to raise their life standards and development is not (only) related to industrial production:


Where industrial good will come from to bring needed supply to such growing demand from non-industrial development?


It will come from globalizing rapidly expanding production of countries and markets of US, Japan, China, India, etc.

Globalization of industrial production and rapidly rising productivity could provide needed industrial and high tech “supply” to growing by quantum leaps consumers “demand”; to prevent from imbalances of demand-to-supply ratios central banking system should be established that uses formulas for monetary quantities and fiscal quantities and precisely applies economic tools (parameters) to limit economic recessions (quantum economics: energy buildups and consequential big waves). (See: Quantum Economics-Philosophy of the Economy-Monetary Quantities Formulas and etc related articles).

Quantum of Solace Box Office Business at India

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It is very difficult to gauge which Bond 007 movie is the best. Almost 22 Bond films have been generated till date, be it ‘Dr. No’ back in 1962 to ‘Quantum of Solace’ in 2008. Though it is very easy to say which ‘Bonds’ were mis-casted of the list of all Bond flicks till date, however it’s very difficult to judge, based on changed time scale, which of the below given actors will leave an indelible mark . Whether it will be Sean Connery or will it be the current heart-throb Daniel Craig (sexiest Bond ever). Over the years, numerous heroes have played the much-desired role of Bond. The awe-inspiring list includes:

Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Brosnan
Daniel Craig

Well, as Ganesha believes that zeroing down on the Best Bond Actor is quite a herculean task, likewise it is also difficult to arrive at the Best Bond Director. Like actors, a whole lot directors, have tried their hands at engineering Bond movies. The list includes,

Terence Young
Guy Hamilton
Lewis Gilbert
Peter R. Hunt
John Glen
Martin Campbell
Roger Spottiswoode
Michael Apted
Lee Tamahori
Marc Forster

Nevertheless, Bond movies are meant to rock the box office. ‘Quantum of Solace’ has already done very good business at UK but would it do well in India? Many foreign movies do well in Western or European Countries but they don’t do so well at Indian Box office. Ganesha would like to throw light on the fate of latest Bond Movie ‘Quantum of Solace’, using the Vedic Astrology Method.

Quantum of Solace Release Time Horoscope
Ganesha observes that in the first show or Release Time horoscope of this movie ‘Quantum of Solace’, Midheaven (10th house or most elevated point of the chart) Lord Mercury is placed in the 11th house of gains with the Lord of the 9th house Sun which is debilitated and with Mars which is the Lord of the 5th and 12th house. This is a powerful planetary configuration, although Sun is debilitated, it’s passing through Jupiter’s Constellation Vishakha and Jupiter is a natural benefit planet so Sun’s disposition cannot be termed as completely negative.

Luckily, as the movie is releasing on 7th November 2008 and when first show will begin Moon will be in Aquarius, so Kaal Sarp Yoga will not be in force.

As per Yogi Avyogi Advanced Astrology Technique, Mercury is Yogi planet in this chart and it is posited with Duplicate Yogi Mars which is a positive point but Mars is Avyogi too, so makes this powerful disposition slightly weak.

In Sarvashtakvarga of the first show’s chart, 10th house contains 27 Auspicious Bindus and 11th house of ‘gains through direct action’ contains 33 Auspicious Bindus. Moreover, 9th house of luck also contains 33 Auspicious Bindus.

Quantum of Solace : Fate at Box Office
Considering all the points explained above, Ganesha feels that this movie will definitely do well at Indian Box office. On the first and second day, Moon will be under the aspect of Saturn so business at Friday and Saturday will be slightly lower but as soon as Moon enters Pisces in the afternoon on 9th November 2008, business will pick up, as Moon will be then transiting through a watery sign Pisces (watery signs indicate creativity) and that too sign of a planet whose Lord Jupiter is Swagruhi (placed in it’s own Sign). Till 18th November 2008 this movie may do well at the box office but then there may be decline in the business, foresees Ganesha. At Indian Box office, though we would like to see ‘House Full’ boards at Cinemas, Ganesha feels that there are chances of more rush for this movie after 9th November 2008.

First day opening business would be good, first weekend opening business will also be fantastic. It is also observed that first week opening business will definitely be more than satisfactory. In short, ‘Quantum of Solace’ is surely going to shine at the Indian Box office as well but it may not rock the box office as it did in UK.

Good luck to Director Marc Forster, lead role – Macho 007 Daniel Craig for great success at Indian Box office and warm welcome to India.


The “Quantum Leap” Change Process and Tips

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A quantum leap is equivalent to a major change from a given state to a very different one. It represents a transformation process, a metamorphosis, a total renewal, a radical change, this versus the gradual or incremental change or improvement. A quantum leap change is a breakthrough event. A quantum leap implies overarching a number of conventional proven routes to reach a specific destination directly. Hence it is about a paradigm shift, seeking novel shorter courses to reach a distant goal. A quantum leap is usually coupled with creative thinking and novelty, and challenging the unknown. A quantum leap is a journey to unknown territories and unknown future.

A quantum leap change is also equivalent to a swift change, hence it is more of a brisk event, this versus the stretched process of incremental change. It is basically about race with time. A quantum leap can be seen as a quick transformation to provide much better coping with a newly arising landscape. It is the optimal match with future situations. It has to be swift, since it is a transition phase where everything is changing!

A quantum leap change can be on the personal or professional level, but indeed we see many organizations and businesses going through the process, and it is becoming even popular in the change process of economies, nations and regions. The approach of quantum leap change is becoming more popular and indeed more imperative in view of the increasing pace of change in the global market environments of the new millennium, and increasing competition, but certainly following the revelations of the global financial crisis, and the deficiencies discovered in the old systems. This is the age of quantum leaps, and the trend is towards perpetual transformations and constant renewals!


A quantum leap approach might appear much more complex, costly and risky than a gradual safe improvement, but it turns out that the quantum leap is much more feasible from an economic point of view than the gradual approach. Gradual approaches are guarantors of staying behind in the big race, staying behind the fleets of advanced countries. Gradual approach is possibly initially cheaper and easier to implement, but in the long run it implies lack of competitive strength and hence loss. Many emerging countries are adopting the stance of quantum leap in their development. The science of change and accelerated change is progressing rapidly, and the management of such complex and swift processes are becoming quite straightforward, and hence cheaper. New strategic approaches are emerging to deal with greater dynamism of the environment. A quantum leap can be considered a transitional phase that is relatively difficult, but that will secure a smooth conditions after the journey. In contrast, incremental improvement is usually a comfortable ride followed by an ongoing tough existence.


Different criteria need to be fulfilled to secure a successful quantum leap, without too many bumps, irrespective of the type of party undergoing the metamorphosis, a person, company or a nation:

– INTENSIVE RESEARCH: A quantum leap is usually a journey into unknown new territories, a real adventure. To reduce the risk of failure, i.e. to improve the chances of success, and to reduce cost of journey, it is imperative to have as much data as possible about the destination and about the courses that can be taken. This implies much heavier research involvement than other change approaches. 100% data is not possible, but it is imperative to sharpen the research skills and to get as much data on the ground reflecting reality, and not mere assumptions. It is crucial to make use of all previous experiences, but indeed of the new strategic plans of similar parties.

– INTENSIVE CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION: This is a very demanding journey into the unknown, requiring superior skills in all respects. Creative thinking is essential in connection with quantum leap change, hence heavy mental efforts, interacting with the research findings, exploring all possible combinations and options in the destinations but also strategies and structures, business models etc. It is innovation at its peak.

– INTENSIVE STRATEGIC THINKING: Strategic thinking and strategic planning are essential ingredients in the quantum leap process. It is a transition to a whole new state of affairs; hence this is a holistic change necessitating a holistic view and analysis. A developed form of strategic planning is needed also, which can demonstrate high degree of flexibility for maneuver, with possibility of changing vision too. A set of values, i.e. fixed points, need to be identified, to resort to during the difficult storm and for bearing.

– SHARP FORECASTING AND ANTICIPATION SKILLS: This is connected to strategic thinking and planning. A quantum leap is a journey into unknown territories in the future too, new developments, and the sharper the vision of the future the better the chances of success. What are the likely scenarios? How do we deal with them?

– A VERY CLEAR GOAL: In addition to some set values, a quantum leap requires the formulation of a very clear goal, which is also very simply specified, that will be the lighthouse, the guide during the rough journey. This clear goal acts also as streamliner of all efforts, as unifier of the whole organization. Everyone involved should be able to identify with this goal. It is important not to divulge into too many goals and details, since it is basically an adventure, where priorities can change every moment. A paramount goal is important to define and keep in mind.

– MAKE SURE YOU ARE FIT AND READY: It is not possible to make the big leap if you are not strong enough and ready. A quantum leap is a tough transition, and you need to be fit and ready to get through the storm without too much damage. Hence Any party attempting a quantum leap has to pull itself together, i.e. to be as strong and ready as possible, in terms of structure, resources, plans, etc. Everything costs money, and sufficient funds have to be made available. You might require synergizing to make it possible; you might need to make full use of your networks. You need all the help you can get. Superior operational planning is essential, in addition to project management skills, which have to be quite flexible to deal with unexpected circumstances. One of the main things to strengthen on the personal or organizational level is the power of determination, since a large portion will be needed to make the quantum leap succeed. You need to overcome your fears, and to be as brave as you can. You have to be loaded with a very high dose of courage. When the going gets tough only the tough get going.

Basically, it is about getting as fit as possible before attempting the journey, and to strengthen the structure, and to test the limits before going ahead. Everything is changing simultaneously during such a process, and one has to have a super effective planning and management system, to avoid ending up in chaos. As with flights to the moon, one has to have a checklist, and test every component and the whole system many times, before attempting. Can you take it? This is an adventure too, and you have to be in the spirit of adventure and conquest. Furthermore, any party attempting a quantum leap, also on the personal level, should be willing to change in a drastic way. You have to be ready to change yourself big time. Use all the technology available to you. You need high bursts of everything during the transition.

– AS SWIFT AS POSSIBLE: Everything is changing in a quantum leap process, and it becomes difficult to avoid chaos and to hold it all together for a long period of time in a transitional phase. Hence one has to plan for quick transition phases, similar metamorphosis. Maximum resources might be required to make it happen. You cannot drag on in a quantum leap process. It might all disintegrate.

– BE READY TO SACRIFICE: Despite preparations a journey in the unknown is always a risky business. Hence one has to be ready for taking higher degrees of risks and taking casualties and sacrificing. The stance might be to make it or break it even. This will to sacrifice is essential in quantum leap change, otherwise there is temptation to call it off at the first encounter with challenge. It is hoped that preparations and getting fit will reduce this risk. Hence one should be ready for high level of losses in such transformations, and not to give up. You only get tougher.

– THE ELEMENT OF DISCRETION AND SURPRISE: There is so much at stake in a quantum leap change and it is difficult enough to let unwanted hands get involved, or disrupt or interfere. Hence the need to keep some degree of discretion during the preparation phase, and even implementation.

– TO LET GO OF THE PAST: This is a quantum leap to a new state, to a new world, and cannot be achieved without deep changes, and therefore the will to let go of the past and to start a new existence. Old structures will only hinder the new modes. This is a new existence, and holding on to the past will make it difficult to change and cope with the new situation.

– SUITABLE CHANGE TEAMS AND LEADERSHIP: If leadership is useful then it is a must in quantum leap change. All the characteristics of leadership peak in this process. The right creative and determined people have to be in place to undertake the journey.

– ADJUST TO THE NEW SITUATION SUBSEQUENT TO THE TRANSITION: It is very possible that the people who were in charge of making the quantum leap work will not be suitable for the ensuing relatively settled situation. Everybody involved has to show great degree of flexibility and to change inside out to cope with the new environment and situation. Everybody should accept the new paradigm and make it work, and enjoy it too.