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Quantum Level Reprogramming – Healing at the Root

Posted on October 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

In today’s society, technology has allowed us all to expect the delivery of goods and services almost immediately, to match the busy lifestyles many of us have. How does the therapeutic model keep up with our busy times? Modern, mainstream therapy, although potentially effective, can be a long and arduous process, and often only allows for marginal change. We are taught to cope and sometimes medicate serious mental and emotional issues “in order to live with them.” What if we could fundamentally alter limiting personality barriers in months rather than years… with lasting effects? Why do we have to “live with” any aspect of ourselves we do not truly respect, appreciate or even like? One way of updating modern therapy is by adding other time-honored, alternative therapeutic methods to address problems at their deepest roots and allow people to move through their challenges at a faster pace. Serenity Vibrational Healing is a new therapeutic model drawing upon ancient techniques to quickly address our personality problems at the deepest level – the quantum level.

Advances in the study of quantum physics are revealing distinct energy patterns at the sub-atomic level of existence where the lines between matter and energy are blurred. As we study these complex patterns, we are increasingly able to apply what we learn too many facets of modern life including psychological and emotional therapy. What many ancient cultures intuitively understood, in terms of the underlying energy patterns that exist within human beings, we are starting to measure and observe with scientific methods and apply to modern life in the real world.

Quantum level reprogramming is a cornerstone of Serenity Vibrational Healing. Over time, all of what have heard, learned, observed and experienced affects our mental and emotional programming at the quantum level (or root level), resulting in habitual patterns which govern much of our behavior… often subconsciously. By trying to address the behavior rather than the root cause of our problems, we often fail in our attempts to significantly change aspects about our lifestyles that we do not particularly like such as our weight, for example, or our exercise habits, or our spending habits… the issues and context are different for each of us. I have recently worked with several people who were overweight, and frustrated by their lack of ability to loose weight. When I could help make them aware of how food became their crutch for coping with their emotions, I was able to clear away many of their issues using Serenity Vibrational Techniques. For many, this was a turning point in their journey to loose weight, but more importantly, begin to choose healthier ways of dealing with their emotions.

Quantum level reprogramming can be used to clear away programming that exists within a person’s mind that is no longer healthy. The old programming driving our habitual patterns is consciously replaced by healthier programming that is more in sync with who we want to be and the path we are choosing for our lives. If done correctly, by a skilled practitioner, quantum level-reprogramming can create lasting significant change in a person’s mindset, habits, and the flavor of their emotions. Real change can be brought about quickly.

Individuals can also work to consciously increase the level of their energy vibrations through activities such as meditation, tai chi, artistic expression, and by paying attention to things like who we associate with and the environments that we choose to frequent. For example, if your energy feels drained whenever you are around a particular person chances are being with them is lowering your vibration, Try to associate with people who make you feel good, or energized when you are with them.

By changing the vibration of our thoughts, at the quantum level, we can improve the quality of the energy we carry, which in turn changes the way we act and feel. This allows us to not only have greater clarity in our thoughts, which is a crucial first step toward making healthy, clear decisions about what we truly want in our lives, but also provides us with the means to follow through on these important and fundamental decisions about who we are and who we want to be.