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Quantum SDLT Product Line Offers Industry Leading Features

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Industry leading performance from your data backup drive company should not merely be a business dream or an impossible goal. A highly scalable data backup storage system can surely make the difference between a flexible data management platform versus an outdated infrastructure lacking the ability to keep up with your storage demands. Why chance it with just any back-up data solution? If you have a need to control explosive data growth, add compression capabilities, or simply need to upgrade your existing product to a higher standard, Quantum offers a wide selection of proven DLT products suitable for the most volatile back-up data needs.

The Quantum DLT product line, DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 not only saves you valuable time and money, this technology is used by industry leaders who expect exemplary product performance. Based on the DLT Technology platform that is trusted by most of the Fortune 500® companies and designed for today’s expanding storage volumes, you will find top of the line data protection tools that equips you with maximum business agility and 24/7 business continuity. As your infrastructure changes and business needs fluctuate, Quantum can prepare you with back up ready DLT tape drive products designed to optimize integration with your servers and business applications before, during, and after you actually need them.

Quantum’s drives provide comprehensive archival functionality for regulatory compliance with DLTSage WORM, our superior data operating system that gives businesses the ability to design a fully optimized infrastructure. You can easily achieve superior safeguarding methods with DLTSage WORM and automatically archive your data with confidence using the DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 cartridge system, all optimized for seamless backup applications.

The DLT product line provides ultra-fast transfer speeds and overall cost efficiency, designed to significantly reduce total cost of ownership with industry leading features and functions. The tape drive cartridges offered in the DLT Technology platform boasts compressed performance of up to 432 GB per hour, as well as extremely competitive compressed capacities ranging from 160 GB to an impressive 1600 GB (1.6 Terabytes). All strategically tailored for simple or complicated back up data needs, featuring scalability and backward-read compatibility as your business grows.

A highly comparable data management solution, the DLT-S4 SDLT600 SDLT320 DLT-V4 cartridge system makes it easy for businesses to achieve a highly efficient storage system, complete with dynamic performance results while maintaining the integrity of all data tiers. If your business needs to grow capacity with uninterrupted delivery, then Quantum is the right choice to make your data infrastructure dream a reality.