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Using Universal Laws To Create Quantum Growth In Your Highly-Conscious Business

Posted on October 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

As a divine being of light-love, you have everything that you need and access to all that created you (and all that you are a part of). From this space of awareness then, you are able to see that you can access Source energy directly. This is where all truth resides; it is the 7th plane of existence. You truly are a multidimensional being.

It is your divine birthright to access infinite love, light, abundance and so much more. Breathe that in!

Just below the 7th plane, is the 6th plane of existence. This is where Universal Laws reside, your higher consciousness, higher councils and much more. These are the energies that support us in moving through the universe in an highly-conscious way (if we so choose). This space aligns us to the powerful partners and energies that support our existence in the universe. As you can see, when we are working with Universal Laws, we are in the same energetic space as our higher self and vice versa. We are already aligned.

So, imagine for a moment, how much energy it must take for us to work against the flow of this plane.

Imagine for a moment what power awaits you if you can give yourself permission to step into partnership with the very energies that are aligned to support you.

Creating this alignment takes little time and effort. Here is how to create your connection:

1. Affirm that you are willing to partner with Universal Laws
2. Choose the Universal Law that you wish to partner with in the moment (for this article we will work with the Universal Law of Co-creation)
3. Set the intention that you are aligning and harmonizing with the wisdom of this law(for example) through all dimensions, spaces, times, levels of consciousness in the NOW in the most joyous, easy way and that the results are even greater than you could have hoped for imagined.
4. Breathe that in.
5. Believe it to be so.

So, imagine what will release from your life and what will enter once you create this partnership with the Universal Law of Co-Creation (for example).

If you are aligned with this law, you will release blame, shame, guilt, judgement and step into compassionate detachment with yourself and others.

You will accept all that you have created up until now from a place of compassionate detachment, integrate the learnings and transform it into wisdom.

You will step into an infinite awareness that you are deeply connected to all that is, realize your fullest co-creative potential, and open your energy field for divine downloads (inspiration) and the people, experiences and energies needed to partner with your co-creative visions.

You will be actively in conversation with your etheric forms of support, including Source, fully expressing your needs and desires and transforming into an attraction magnet for all that you desire.

How amazing is that?! Imagine the quantum leaps that you can create for yourself and your business when you allow yourself to master this practice.